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Cascadas De Ouzoud
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The Casadas de Ouzoud are a waterfall or waterfalls, considered the largest and most impressive in North Africa. They are born from the Ouzoud River and are located at the foot of the village of Tanaghmeilt in the Atlas Mountains, about 150 kilometers from Marrakech.

Ouzoud Waterfalls

From Marrakech we left early in the direction of the waterfalls of Ouzoud, located 160 km from Marrakech. We will enjoy a day under the waterfalls, where we can find water slopes up to 100 meters high. At midmorning we will visit the water mills, traditional and ancestral, to enjoy a nice lunch afterwards, sitting on a terrace overlooking the waterfalls. The bravest can take advantage of the opportunity to bathe in the river. We will be back in Marrakech around 6:00 p.m.

  • Private excursion
  • Transfers from the hotel, airport or where you prefer the passenger
  • All-terrain vehicle transport (4 × 4) throughout the journey
  • Spanish speaking driver
  • Fuel


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