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The Todra palm grove

It is about 30km from one end of the city to the other, this wonder crosses the city completely, it is a very dense and leafy palm grove that is formed by the two banks of the Todra River.

We must emphasize that in its extension there is a multitude of palm trees that offer shade to other crops, there is a variety of fruit trees such as apples, pears, plums, apricots and much more, this thanks to that there is abundant water to that side, they are also present most vegetables such as tomatoes, carrots, etc.

This wonder is part of southern Morocco is necessary to know and admire another type of environment that is not your comfort zone, thinking that it will be a totally amazing adventure since you will see varieties of palm trees, fruit trees and vegetables, you will also enjoy a spectacular tour to reach that paradise as it is the palm grove since in it you can make pleasant activities.

Tour of the Todra Palm Grove

  • To reach the palm grove we must go through the gorges which are linked as well, since at the beginning of one the other begins and extends about 20 km further to the east, this being the most exuberant point since it is surrounded by the source of the sacred fish halfway between Todra and Tinerhir.
  • While doing this tour you can do different activities such as climbing because the gorges are very well seen for the purity and quality of the rocks that has an excellent grip.
  • Another activity to be carried out in the gorges and its surroundings is tracking or hiking, the latter very much acted by many tourists who request the services of a local guide to make the tour of the entire gorge, penetrate the palm grove and its surroundings.

Benefits of visiting this place wonder

  • 100% pure air is breathed.
  • You will feel at peace and possibly relaxed.
  • You can do some physical activity such as hiking.
  • You can buy some fruits and eat during the tour.
  • If you go with a tour guide you can get to know its history in depth.


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