Discover Morocco's beauty

The spectacular Anima Garden

This can be described as one of the most spectacular and imaginative gardens in the world as it presents endless trees, shrubs, flowers, fragrances, fragrant wonders, pavilions, sculptures.

This can be called the great botanical staging, rather in this place we can get to feel that we are in paradise since so much peace, sensuality, joy and inspiration that you can get to perceive that surely you will not want to go .

This space is fully available for all ages who wish to experience something innovative so we must emphasize that if you travel to Morocco you can not stop going to that place.

Characteristics of the Anima Garden

  • The Atls are often covered in snow with the 4,167-meter-high Tobkal
  • Place that invites relaxation to the little ones of the house or adults
  • The garden has 2 hectares
  • More than 70 people work in the garden
  • Contains a Bowels coffee inside
  • Contains 3 showrooms
  • They are open to the public 365 days a year
  • The whole place has access for disabled people
  • You will get birds of any kind
  • Art sculptures everywhere
  • Galleries
  • Museum
  • The garden has a decidedly European atmosphere
  • The garden has a space with a kind of desert in which there is a spectacular garden

Recommendations to be inside the facilities

  • Food intake in open spaces is not allowed
  • The entry of alcoholic beverages is not allowed
  • Children are not allowed to run around the premises


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