Discover Morocco's beauty

Modern Moroccan society

Although true to its traditions, Morocco also offers all the advantages of a modern society.

Morocco is a country totally oriented to the future that has managed to preserve its customs and prosper its cultural legacy, valuing them as engines of development. The city of Marrakech is a perfect example: the Medina district and its souks preserve that incomparable charm of yesteryear, while the neighborhoods of Guéliz and Hivernage offer you the most modern facilities and infrastructures. Instead of contradicting each other, modernity and tradition combine to constitute Morocco's true potential.

In this way, as a visitor, you can enjoy all the advantages and pleasures of modernity. In terms of accommodation, Morocco has a wide variety of hotels for all budgets, owned by large international groups, and also has the most prominent prêt-à-porter firms that are installed in the ideal environment of this country in full development.

Morocco also tries to avoid the pitfalls of modernity, particularly in terms of the environment, by promoting responsible tourism with the land and local populations. Morocco, creator of a responsible tourism charter and member of the COP22, is at the forefront in the preservation of our planet.


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