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Lake Bin el Ouidane

Located in the South of Morocco, this show is surrounded by a variety of landscape that you can observe which would be mountains, fields with extensive and intense green and brown colors that makes you miss observing, besides that It makes a great contrast with the blue of the deep waters of the lake.

Clearly this place does not have as many tourist attractions as it is a lake but with just being there you will feel a tranquility and an inner peace. What can be highlighted is that this lake is sport fishing because there live large fish such as carp.

Fun facts about how it became what we now call Lake Bin el Ouidane

The creation of the dam dates back to the mid-20th century as it was thought to be a good idea and even if it was an excellent idea, as time goes by this dam with a height of 1,330 meters and a length of 85 meters is a place where fans and lovers of nature often go, and fishing lovers in turn.

  • It possesses splendid surroundings and extensive green and brown colors in all its shades thanks to this makes a striking contrast with the blue of the lake.
  • Certainly this space does not have many tourist varieties for the same given the area where it is located but nevertheless often are organized routes and those excursions that excite many besides that they also perform water activities.
  • The boat rental for those who like to navigate those calm waters.
  • There are bars that have terraces and are located towards the lake view therefore you can witness the sunrise and sunset that hides behind the colors of the mountains.
  • Sports fishing can be carried out since fish of great length inhabit a dam.
  • Originally Bin el Ouidane is a river. Over time, a dam was created to provide electricity to citizens and tourists in the area.
  • The lake covers an area of about 2.75 hectares. It can be accessed by car and enjoy this area throughout the day.


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