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Ksar el Khorbat

Ksar el Khorbat is an old Ksar that is a kind of palace, fortress, barn or military camp, everything depends on the needs of the country or region where it is located.

This construction would be a town surrounded by walls made of raw land which are highlighted by some monuments and space that has inside, was built and restored in the mid-nineteenth century.

In Morocco we can know these wonderful structures and not only that, but also the history, what really happened inside them while those people were alive and inhabited this marvel.

Although curiously they continue inhabited, they are rehabilitated with different functions such as accommodation for tourists, a museum and an excellent women's craft workshop.

Curiosities of Ksar el Khorbat

  • The Ksar has a rectangular plan, crossed from end to end by a central street.
  • The doors of the houses are scattered in 8 alleys which give access to the central street.
  • There is a monumental entrance which allows access to the Ksar.
  • In the Ksar there are 9 watchtowers.
  • There is a public square where the mosque is located, the entrance communicates with the central street.
  • The alleys are covered by the first floor offering a mysterious and attractive appearance, highlighting that there is no light there.
  • The houses have 3 to 4 levels of height, which represents 10 to 14 meters.
  • The wall reaches 100 cm in thickness to a height of 4 meters and then continues with 50 cm. up to a total of 9 to 12 m.
  • Traditional doors are made of palm wood.
  • Lately new accesses to the houses have been opened through the wall, some of them with iron doors.

Characteristics of Ksar

  • Ecotourism: It is based on the culture and landscape of southern Morocco in order to preserve the artistic and historical heritage of Ksar.
  • Excursions: It has become the ideal starting point for excursions to southern Morocco.
  • Offers room services: They have private, an environment that can be totally family, shower and double beds.
  • The restaurant: is located in the heart of the palm grove, has a lounge with a large terrace where you can enjoy food outdoors, the specialty of the house is the dromedary Tajín with dates and if you want to taste a European dish It will also be at your disposal.
  • Oasis Museum: It has a museum whose presentation is totally didactic since it has been thought of that tourist who knows absolutely nothing of the country so that's what this wonder is that will teach you the culture of the south of Morocco.


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