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Kasbah Tizourgane

This is in the south of Morocco as it is a heritage that dates more or less from the thirteenth century.

It is one of the many houses with a very special charm and the best that was created in the emulation (referring to an ambition against something) Tafraut region in favor of there being a new ecotourism (it is a style of tourism where it is privileged culture and the environment of the site).

Not to mention that since 1995 in Tizourgane, the collective attic, which is a group of earthen buildings surrounded by walls where the town would be and currently functions as a host, has been classified for national historical heritage and soon of being part of UNESCO's world heritage site, this would be the first in Morocco to house.

Characteristics of Kasbah Tizourgane

  • The Kasbah Tizourgane Game House offers possibilities for hiking.
  • The guest house has 19 rooms: 3 family suites, 6 doubles, 5 doubles and 5 singles.
  • Historical monument classified as national heritage.
  • A guest house like no other.

Benefits inside the Kasbah Tizourgane

  • Housing: basically all the rooms are the same the only difference is the size of the bed and if you choose a double or simple but in general they are excellent since you will have private bathroom, breakfast service to the room and best of all , the joy of enjoying the landscape as soon as you wake up.
  • Activities: in Kasbah you are offered a host of activities such as knowing the beautiful beaches, the Sahara desert, trips on 4 × 4 excursion.
  • Restaurant: they offer the local food that you can enjoy in front of an extremely beautiful view.

What can you meet in Kasbah Tizourgane?

  • Visit Igoudar: where our ancestors lived, the tribes were in rocky peaks with mountain peaks, the height allowed them to defend themselves if they accepted another tribe and some were used as a kind of warehouse because they kept food and documents, for these reasons has become an architectural heritage since there were those people so diligent and intelligent.
  • Excursion: it is a hike through the mountains and deserts in the south of Morocco which lasts 8 incredible days, this excursion also includes the Anti- Atlas mountain range you can visit as the village of Tafraout.
  • Hiking: it is about walking from the airport to the house in the Kasbah and thus getting to know the towns and valleys that are on the north side of the mountain.


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