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Is it safe to travel to Morocco?

Although Morocco is a fairly safe country and the Moroccan is usually quite friendly, it is necessary to know how to avoid dangerous situations.

  • Avoid robberies: It is necessary to be vigilant and be cautious especially in large cities and tourist, in places where there are major agglomerations for example in the medinas or souks, since we can be victims of an inadvertent theft. It is advisable to carry the bag always closed and in a visible place, as well as the wallet and personal items. In Morocco, robbery with violence and less foreigners is not common.
  • Road hazards: Be very careful when driving, in Morocco traffic violations are constantly being committed and road safety regulations are often not respected even by common sense.
  • Traffic fines: There is a lot of police presence on the roads, especially usually at roundabouts, intersections, under bridges and near toll booths on highways. Be very careful to respect the speed limit of the road. Be careful with traffic lights, crossing in amber is a fine. The most common fine is 700 dirhams (70 euros).
  • Strolling late at night: Be careful in the night outings, the danger depends on the city you visit, avoid the little frequented places late at night and always Try to take a taxi or some other means of transport to return to the hotel. In some cities, the streets are completely deserted starting at 10pm. Women are of course discouraged from going out alone during the night.
  • Solo women in Morocco: Women traveling alone will probably be pestered by men and by their looks (more or less sympathetic). A woman traveling alone to Morocco runs the risk of feeling uncomfortable in public places, where the male population is very often the majority.


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