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Shopping is one of the great attractions of Morocco and this is because although lately thanks to the department stores it is possible to buy anything from any part of the world, Morocco has a great attraction and a great advantage and is that it has a rich local handicraft with picturesque and richly decorated items that we are not used to seeing in our countries of origin or at least at the same price.

Thanks to its rich culture, Morocco can boast a great variety of beautiful handicrafts, exceptional and unique pieces, the persuasive power of Moroccan merchants, bargaining and the magic of spices, as well as the rich colors of the beautiful pieces make I inevitably fall into the temptation to buy. Morocco is a country with great artisans. Do not forget that much of the country's economy comes from crafts.

There are many artisan cooperatives and it is very common to see small shops and workshops where you can see the work and expertise of these artists

Many times the greatest charm of a place is in the simplest or essential, you can get lost in souks full of objects, trinkets, antiques and all kinds of odds and ends during hours when it seems that time has stopped. No need to have money, or go with the idea of buying something, the simple fact of walking and observing is quite an experience for the senses that should not stop experimenting.

As for prices, it is very common to be told "this is a gift" and if it is expensive, it is because "it is made by hand." everything is part of a tug of war. The tourist must also play his role wandering between carpets and fabrics or any other object that does not reveal our true intention of purchase, should be confused when touching and feeling the touch of leather to check if it is goat skin (good quality ) or sheep (lower quality) so he can see that you know what you are buying.

"An Arabic proverb says:" May God cause uncertainty between the seller and the buyer. " Bargaining comes from the first forms of trade such as barter, for which it was necessary to find the right balance between the value of things.

In Morocco, bargaining became a tourist offer in itself, it is another attraction of the country, providing Morocco's reputation for hospitality and prolonging the cheap fame that tourists come to search in the kingdom.


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