Discover Morocco's beauty

Beautiful beaches

In Africa not only the desert covers its territory, there is also the sea that bathes its coasts.

The Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean do it in Morocco, and thanks to that the choice is more pleasant, the beaches of Morocco are generally very well maintained and suitable for the peaceful swimming of people, although there are also other options for surfers: beaches with big waves.

From the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, Morocco has thousands of kilometers of coastline with varied landscapes and paradisiacal beaches of untamed beauty, its sand, golden, soft, fine and its crystalline waters invite relaxation, rest and relaxation. You want to practice a variety of water sports. On the Atlantic coast, from Tanger to Essaouira there are more than 200 beaches. The busiest are those closest to the cities and the least crowded, those where nature is in its purest state and where you can practice Kitesurf, Windsurfing, etc ...

The temperature and quality of the beaches is good despite the winter seasons that reach 18º, while during the summer they rise to 23º. The statistics do not lie, they say, that on average Morocco has more than 400 beaches along its coastline and 90% of them are highly recommended for your visit.
In short, in Morocco you can not only enjoy its beaches but also enjoy a wonderful landscape, a sun that looks practically all year round and for sports lovers you will find sublime waves here.

Beyond that, that is to say, the good temperature and the good state of conservation of the beaches, there is also an idyllic landscape that invites to the reverie. We should therefore mention the main beaches of the African country: Playa Martil, this beach located in the city of Tetouan, in the north of the country, is bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. The curious thing about this place is its great extension, which starts from Cabo Negro to Cabo Nazarí, thus tracing in Moroccan territory the virtue of good rest under the sun.

Beaches of the Atlantic

In the Atlantic, the vast majority of beaches are long as strips of fine sand against the waves of the ocean. The more you move south, the warmer you will be until you reach the sublime bay of Dakhla. The trade winds of the Northeast usually blow from the end of March to mid-September in this part of the coast, it is the perfect occasion to practice all the sliding sports, especially surfing. Whether with the board, with the kite, the wake board, the surf or the jet ski, rest assured that the waves will be up to the task.

Beaches of the Mediterranean

On the divided Mediterranean coast, between Tangier and Al Hoceima, the sea is sweet and calm and the beaches are more intimate. Some are close to some traditional fishing villages, located in areas where nature is paradisiacal. In parallel, new spa resorts have been created, such as Tamuda Bay in the vicinity of Tetuán and Saïdia, a new hotel complex on the Mediterranean coast. In front of Andalusia, Mediterrania-Saïdia extends over 700 hectares facing the sea, with 6 km of white sand beach. A marina and an 18-hole golf course complete this area close to two international airports. The Atlantic is not far behind in the development of new hotel complexes such as Lixus, Mazagan, Taghazout or Playa Blanca.


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