"Destino Marruecos" Tourism

"Destino Marruecos" is a local tourism agency. Counting with a vast and experienced professional, tranport, hotelier, and human team we take care of assisting you from the arrangements before your trip to the guiding and assisting you on your whole trip in Morocco.

This whole team makes possible the amount of experiences you are going to live and the trip itself. This is why we take pride in giving importance to each of the professionals who take part in each part of the route.

"Destino Marruecos" collaborates with different NGO besides developing or own non-profit activities, dedicated to favour the local population, economy and the local families in need.

"Destino Marruecos", has a fresh way to organize trips, having as a goal to promote sustainable tourism, alongside giving our clients tailored experiences, adapting and customizing routes and activities with a one common objective: Keeping way up the quality, giving experiences to every person who trusted in us, authentic and memorable in their stay in Morocco.


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